Visual Expert Update List

Visual Expert 2019

New Feature Set: Generate diagrams from your code

Visual Expert 2019 introduces a new feature set to visualize the design of your application with diagrams.

They are automatically generated in the UI, and synchronized with the code, to combine design-level and code-level visualization.

Several models available from the start, additional ones will come step by step:

  • Object Dependencies Diagram for PowerBuilder (Impact analysis)
  • Object Dependencies Diagram for Oracle PL/SQL (Impact analysis)
  • Object Dependencies Diagram for SQL Server Transact-SQL (Impact analysis)
  • PBL dependencies
  • Data modeling for Oracle Databases
  • Data modeling for SQL Server Databases

A Diagram Editor is automatically installed with VE to Edit, Export and Share the diagrams generated by Visual Expert.

New feature set: Code Performance Analysis

  • Identify the slowest procedures or functions
  • Break-down the execution time of a procedure to pinpoint issues
  • Find the slowest queries accessing a table
  • Generate the execution plan of a query to identify optimizations
  • Analyze the performance of a chain of objects calling each others
  • Drill-down from object, to query and code-level

Code Review

  • New Code Review HTML Report. This report checks some development rules for SQL Server, Oracle and PowerBuilder applications, and lists the encountered issues in an html document.
  • New macro to check naming conventions for SQL Server code.

Source Code Documentation


  • Improved treeview response for large volumes of code
  • New setting to select a specific parser for DB code embedded in PowerBuilder
  • New maintenance tab in Ribbon to install Repository macro and start scheduler
  • Automatic shrink of the Repository database when unused space exceeds 20%
  • Dynamic references to datawindows now highlighted in the code
  • Web services called: references to Web services highlighted in PowerBuilder code
  • Stored Proc called: references to procedures highlighted in PowerBuilder code
  • Shared datawindow: improvements to visualize shared DW dependencies
  • Updated Oracle Connection screen and added SID field.
  • Added wait indicator on open/close and other VE events.

Visual Expert 2018 R2

Visual Expert 2018 R1

Support for Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Visual Expert for SQL Server (GA)

Visual Expert 2017 introduced a beta version of our SQL Server Code analyzers (see this post). The official version (GA) is now available with Visual Expert 2018.

Other features

  • Treeview: Compare references to an object, between 2 versions of your code

Code Comparison

  • Save “snapshots” of your code on a regular basis, and compare them anytime.
  • Run Comparison across both PowerBuilder and Database Code
  • Explore differences in a container hierarchy. Drill down to find relevant changes.
  • Filter changes for a given PBL, object, object type.
  • And more...

CRUD Matrix

Shows which program is accessing which data, and how (Create/Read/update/delete)
This feature scans all your Datawindows, PowerScript, Stored Procedures, views, etc.
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New Code Analyzer for SQL Server (BETA VERSION)

Other features


New Features Visual Expert for Oracle

  • Treeview: SQL Performances - Columns with missing Index
  • Treeview: Code Review - Calculating the number of Lines of PL/SQL Code
  • Treeview: Code Review - Counting PL/SQL Items by type
  • Treeview: SQL Performances - Tables with missing Primary Key
  • Treeview: SQL Performances - Unused Indexes
  • Treeview: Code Review - Find Uncommented PL/SQL scripts
  • Treeview: Code Review - Large PL/SQL scripts
  • Treeview: Code Review - Find empty PL/SQL functions/procedures
  • Treeview: Code Review - Find duplicated functions/procedures

New Features Visual Expert for PowerBuilder


  • Treeview feature/PB: Finding "Unused" items now extended to PBL Root and PB Application level
  • Treeview feature/PB: "Overrides" (methods replacing ancestor scripts) now extended to PBLs and Application level
  • Impact Analysis now indicates the type of access to tables & columns (Select/Insert/Update/Delete)
  • VE GUI: New indicator on tables & columns (red spot) when their declaration is included in the project
  • VE GUI: Selecting a table or column in the treeview now highlights their declaration in the code

New Features

  • Treeview feature/PB: List Computed Fields of selected Datawindows
  • Treeview feature/PB: PBL level dependencies (External References / PBL dependencies)
  • Treeview feature/PB: Large PBLs (Code Review)
  • Treeview feature/PB: Find all the Dll functions declared in a PowerBuilder application
  • Source Code Documentation: Home page, objects lists, new sections and hyperlinks added
  • VE GUI: Macro parameters can be saved and applied automatically next time
  • VE Project management: Review the history of code analyses
  • VE Project management: Delete past code analyses to free up disk space
  • VE Project management: Access Control features, secure VE projects shared between teammates
  • New Macros: Empty Methods
  • New Macros: Object Metrics
  • New Macros: Functions Metrics Summary
  • New Macros: Retrieve SQL
  • New Macro - DW Exploration - Retrieve Arguments (5.7), Controls containing (5.7) Compute Fields