Get the Execution Plan for an Oracle Query

Fetch a detailed view of the query execution process within Oracle.
This way, it won't be necessary to go back to your Oracle database manager to review its execution plan.

  • Select a Table and Click on [Slowest SQLs using this table].
    Select Table to Analyze Slow SQLs
  • Select a DML statement and click on [Execution Plan].
    get execution plan for Oracle PL/SQL query from performance tab
  • You can also access this option from the ribbon menu in the ‘Performance’ Tab.
    View the execution plan of an Oracle query from the Performance tab of Visual Expert
  • Visual Expert lists hierarchically the operations of the query along with the time taken by each of them in milliseconds.

Additional Note: ‘Predicate’ information can also be viewed by end-users just like the ‘Execution Plan’.

Examples of ‘Execution Plan’ results for Oracle queries:

  1. Select statement
    execution plan result for select statement for oracle query
  2. Delete Statement
    execution plan result for delete statement for oracle query


  1. Your VE project should read database code via a database connection
    (as opposed to reading DB code from files),
  2. Activate VE performance monitoring,
  3. Wait for your database to execute SQL queries and log some execution statistics.


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