Check SQL Server Transact-SQL Naming Conventions

Verify Transact-SQL Naming Conventions in Visual Expert Treeview

For an Entire Source of SQL Server code

  1. Select a source of code in Visual Expert’s treeview, under the ‘Applications’ node.
  2. Click on ‘Naming Conventions’ in the navigation bar.
    Visual Expert lists the objects that do not follow the predefined naming rules along with a hint on the correction that needs to be made.

    Select T-SQL code to check naming conventions

At Object Level

Naming Conventions can also be called on a single DB object like a table or a view. Select an object in the treeview and click on ‘Naming Conventions’ from the navigation bar.

view naming conventions on single SQL Server DB object


Verify Transact-SQL Naming Conventions in a Code Review Report

You can also check the naming conventions in a Code Review Report generated by Visual Expert.

check naming conventions in code review report

Please refer to this article to learn how to generate a Code Review Report for SQL Server code.


Customize your Transact-SQL Naming Conventions

Visual Expert provides a set of default T-SQL naming rules, which can be customized as per your needs.

  • Mouse over the ‘Naming Conventions’ macro and click on the wrench that appears on its right end.
    naming conventions macro for transact sql code

    This opens a configuration window, where the rules can be modified as needed.

    Configure naming conventions for transact sql code

    You can also configure the naming conventions at the Project Settings level.

  • Open ‘More Settings’ under the ‘Settings’ tab on the top menu.

    Open More Settings Tab for Naming Conventions

  • Select the ‘Transact-SQL’ tab.
  • Set the naming conventions as required for the current Visual Expert project. The changes will be automatically saved upon closing this window.

    Set naming conventions for Transact SQL Code


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