PowerBuilder Code Review - New Set features

New Treeview Features

Visual Expert brings a new set of treeview features to review PowerBuilder Source Code. This includes both code review and code metrics tools.

Some of these features are brand new, others have been enhanced since Visual Expert 2015. They are all listed in the matrix below.

Detailed descriptions of each feature will follow as they are made publicly available.

New Documentation Template

The same code review and code metrics features will be implemented in the form of new HTML documentation. This documentation will compile, at application level, all the features listed below.

Feature List

Lines of Code (New) calculates the number of Source Lines of Code (SLOC) for the selected items (Comments only / Instructions only / Total).
Items count (1) (New) Counts PowerBuilder objects, methods and variables. This count can be made at object level, as well as PBLs or Applications level.
Unnamed Controls (New) Finds controls that still have the default name given automatically by PowerBuilder (eg. cb_1, dw_1, etc.)
Non inherited objects (New) Isolates PowerBuilder objects that do not inherit from an ancestor object. Available by type of Objects, as well as PBLs and Applications.
Large Scripts (New) Finds functions and events that exceed a certain number of source code lines.
Uncommented scripts (New) Finds functions and events that do not include any comment
Empty methods (New) Finds functions and events that do not include any active code (no code at all, or the method is entirely commented)
Duplicated objects (Enhanced) - Finds duplicated PowerBuilder Objects (same type & name). Now available by type of objects, PBLs and Applications.
Last modified (Enhanced) - Identifies the latest PowerBuilder Objects modified. Now includes parameters to set the start & end modification date, and the number of objects listed.
Unused Items (Enhanced) - Finds dead code: Objects, Methods and Variables probably unused as we could not find any reference while analyzing the code. Feature now extended to all types of PowerBuilder Objects, as well as PBLs and Applications.
Overrides (Enhanced) - Finds PowerBuilder events or functions overriding an ancestor script. Now available by type of object, as well as for Controls, PBLs and Application.
Large PBLs (Enhanced) - Finds PBLs exceeding a given size - Max size now defined by Byte.

Check out the Code Review Documentation for more details on the above features.

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