Generate Diagrams from your Code

Visual Expert generates diagrams from your code.
This provides another way to visualize and understand complex code, beside the treeview and source code view.

1. What types of diagrams are available?

Data Model Diagram

Document graphically database entities and their relationships. 

Impact Analysis Diagram

Find all references to a table, column, object, method, variable...

Call Graph

Visualize chains of calls (multiple levels of references).


PBL Dependency

Visualize dependencies between PBLs

2. Edit a diagram

Once generated, you can rearrange diagram elements, adjust the display (zoom and pan), and save it to Visual Expert.

Learn more on how to edit and save a diagram

3. Share or export a diagram

You also have the possibility to share your diagrams with other Visual Expert users.
They will be able to open it in their Visual Expert client.

You can also share it as an image outside of your team

Read this article to share, export, and print a diagram

generate diagrams from your code with visual expert