Configuring Oracle Cloud Database Connection

This tutorial describes how to set up the connection to an Oracle Cloud database to retrieve and analyze the db code in Visual Expert.

  1. Log in to Oracle Cloud and open the corresponding database.
    Once connected, click on the [DB Connection] button. You will then see a screen to download the Instance Wallet.
    Click on [Download wallet] to download the Wallet_<DB_Name>.zip file from Oracle Cloud. (It is required to connect the Oracle Cloud DB from Visual Expert)
    Download Instance Wallet from Oracle Cloud
  2. Open Visual Expert, click [New] on the ribbon menu to open the "Create Project" wizard.
    Select [Oracle PL/SQL] in the next pop-up.
    Select Oracle code to analyze with Visual Expert
  3. Click on [Oracle Database] in the Oracle DB Connection page.
    Select Oracle Database in Wizard
  4. Next, click on [VE Oracle Folder].
    Visual Expert will open "C:\ProgramData\Novalys\VisualExpert\OracleConnection" path in the explorer.
    Open Oracle Connection File Path in Windows Explorer

NOTE: If the folder contains tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files, please verify:

  • "sqlnet.ora" contains WALLET_LOCATION
  • "tnsnames.ora" contains required TNS Alias name

If it contains the required information, go directly to step 12.

  1. Copy the downloaded Wallet zip file to OracleConnection folder. Then, extract all its components in the same folder.
    Wallet zip file extract in OracleConnection folder
  2. Open sqlnet.ora file, and update the directory path to "C:\ProgramData\Novalys\VisualExpert\OracleConnection".
    Update Directory Path
  3. Go to the Visual Expert DB Connection page, click on [Open tnsnames.ora].
    Visual Expert DB Connection Page
  4. Now, copy the content from "tnsnames.ora" file to "VE_tnsnames.ora" file. Save the file and close it.
    (Please ensure to copy the Wallet_<DB_Name>.zip content from tnsnames.ora to the new file)
    Copy Wallet Content to New File
  5. Click on [Open sqlnet.ora].
    Open sqlnet.ora
  6. Copy the content of sqlnet.ora file to VE_sqlnet.ora file. Save and close the file again.
    Save the VE_sqlnet.ora file
  7. Close the 'Create Project' wizard as well as the Visual Expert application.
    Restart Visual Expert. You will find more files created in the OracleConnection folder. (see below)
    New files in OracleConnection folder
  8. Start 'New Project' wizard, and reach till Oracle DB Connection page. (See step 2 and step 3)
    Enter the TNS Alias name, User ID and Password. Click on [Test Connection]. It should connect successfully.
    (You will get TNS Alias name from the tnsnames.ora file)
    Enter TNS Alias and test connection
  9. Click [Next] and follow the wizard to create a new project using Oracle Cloud Database.

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