How to Filter Past Code Analyses

Refreshing Code Analysis on a regular basis generates a large amount of data in the VE repository.

Over time, the need arises to review or remove previous code analyses.

The ‘Manage Code Analyses’ window offers filtering options to find a specific code analysis.

How to Filter results from past Code Analyses?

  • Open the “Manage Code Analyses” window to view the analysis history.
    Go to Settings → Manage Analyses.
    Open Code Analysis history to manage
  • Click on the [Filter Analyses] button.
    filter Code Analysis Reports
  • The ‘Filter Editor’ window appears with the default condition set. It displays all past analyses that have not been deleted from the repository.
    Display all past code analysis reports
  • Update the filters to display the list of past analyses as required.
    Click on “Apply”.
    customize filtering for past code analysis

You will now be able to review or delete the previous analyses corresponding to the combination of filters you applied.

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