Read Code from AWS CodeCommit

Visual Expert can connect to your ‘AWS’ source control, to fetch and analyze your code.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new project by opening the ‘Visual Expert Project Wizard’.
    Create a new project in Visual Expert
  2. Select ‘AWS CodeCommit’ with respective "file type" as source code location.
    The "file type" can be Oracle Files, SQL Server T-SQL Files, PB Targets or PBL Files/Folders depending on your project.
    Select AWS Code Commit for source code location
  3. Fill in the ‘AWS CodeCommit Server URL’ field.
    For ‘Authentication’, fill in the Access Key and Secret Key fileds.
    AWS Server URL Authentication with Access Key
  4. Once you have entered your credentials, click the ‘Connect To AWS CodeCommit’ button.
    On successful connection, Team Projects will be loaded.
    Connect to AWS and load team projects
  5. Select your code within AWS CodeCommit (Files or folders containing Oracle PL/SQL or SQL Server T-SQL code, PowerBuilder targets, etc.)
    Select code from AWS source control to analyze
  6. Visual Expert will automatically reconnect to the AWS server to retrieve and analyze your code.
    If you schedule your code analysis (highly recommended); the entire process of refreshing your code analysis on a regular basis will become automated.


Visual Expert, Code Analysis, Source Control, AWS Code Commit