SQL Server Transact-SQL Code Inspection

On activating Code Inspection, Visual Expert will analyze your code taking into account 300+ rules to detect vulnerabilities, bugs and maintainability issues.

Note: If you do not have configured Visual Expert yet, follow this tutorial to get started.

Enable Code Inspection while Creating a New Project

  • Create a new project as indicated here: PowerBuilder, Oracle, SQL Server

    After selecting the source code to be analyzed in VE Project Wizard, activate Code Inspection features:

    Enable Code Inspection Features

Enable Code Inspection for an Existing Project

  • For your existing project, enable "Code Inspection" feature via "Settings > More Settings"

  • In the Code Inspection tab, activate code inspection features switching the "ON/OFF" button

  • You can review the code rules listed in the "Code Rule Name" column, and disable those you are not interested in by unchecking the "IsActive" box.
  • Close this window to save your preferences

Code Inspection Result

  1. When the Code Analysis is completed, a new section 'Code Inspection' is displayed in the Visual Expert treeview.
    The languages supported are listed at the root of the treeview.
    For each language, the number of rules available is indicated:

    Code Inspection Rules for SQL Server

    Select a language, for instance: 'Code Inspection for SqlServer'.

  2. Choose a macro to select the issues you’re interested in:

    Select issues for T-SQL code inspection

  3. The corresponding rules are listed in the treeview.
    For each rule, the number of issues found is indicated as shown below.

    Code Inspection for SQL Server

  4. On selecting a rule: a documentation page appears with details.

    Code Inspection Rule Description for SQL Server

  5. In the navigation bar, click on 'Issues found':
    Each object with this particular issue is listed in a container hierarchy.

    Security Issues in SQL Server Applications

  6. On selecting an object from this list: Issues are highlighted in the code

    Highlight issues in your Transact-SQL code

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