Quick Search Feature

In addition to the global search, that offers an enriched result, Visual Expert offers a Quick Search feature in the source code.

It allows you to perform text searches and simply list all elements containing a given string.

When a result is found, Visual Expert displays the number of occurrences and highlights the corresponding text in the source code view. Lines containing a match are also marked with an icon.

  • Click on the Quick Search box under the search tab to enter the text you seek.

Quick Search Feature - Visual Expert

  • The results will be provided in the following format:

    A - List of the items found throughout the Visual Expert project.
    B - Indicates the specific location of the search result within the code, organized by line.
    C - Indicates total number of lines containing the search text.
    D - Displays the line numbers corresponding to the searched item. Visible lines are highlighted for easier consultation and navigation to specific lines by clicking on them.

Quick Search Feature Results - Visual Expert


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