Analyze PowerBuilder 2019 Applications

Visual Expert 2019 now supports PowerBuilder 2019.

analyse powerbuilder 2019 applications with visual expert

This applies to all the tools included in the Visual Expert toolbox for: 

  1. Exploring dependencies & running Impact Analyses 

  2. Generating CRUD matrix to document CRUD operations in PB 2019 applications 

  3. Generating Diagrams from PowerBuilder code 

  4. Review your code (unused objects, coding rules…) 

  5. Generating HTML documentation for PB 2019 applications 

  6. Comparing 2 versions of your code 

  7. Etc. 

Also, Visual Expert 2019 now integrates with the PowerBuilder 2019 IDE to: 

  • List the targets recently opened in the PB 2019 IDE 

  • Select a script or PB object in Visual Expert and edit it with PB 2019 

  • Select several scripts or objects in VE and push them into the PB todo list 

  • When using a source control, Visual Expert will automatically check-in objects before opening them in the PB 2019 IDE.


Visual Expert 2019, Oracle, SQL Server, PowerBuilder