Find the Dll Functions Called from a PowerBuilder Application


  1. To make sure you deploy exactly the DLLs required by your application
  2. To replace 32 bit by 64 bit DLLs when migrating your application to 64 bit.

Visual Expert can find all dependencies to DLL and DLL functions, from a PB application. 

Follow the steps below to analyze and review them:

1. List the Dlls used. Locate their declarations in the PB code.

  • In the Visual Expert treeview, select the DLL icon.
  • In the navigation bar and click on "Declarations".
  • The list of DLL used is displayed

Below each DLL are listed objects declaring some of its functions

Find DLL dependencies from powerbuilder applications


2. List the functions of a given DLL used by your application.

  • Select a DLL (for example “KERNEL32.DLL” in the screenshot below).
  • Click on "Functions" in the navigation bar.

All the functions declared and/or referenced by PowerBuilder are listed

Find DLL dependencies from powerbuilder application


3. Find all references to a particular DLL function in the PowerBuilder code

  • Select a DLL function (for example “FindClose” in the screenshot below)
  • Click on "Impact Analysis" in the navigation bar
  • The PB script referencing the function are listed, with their containers.
  • Select any referencing script : references are highlighted in the code 

find dll dependencies from powerbuilder application


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