Key Concepts of Code Inspection

Code inspection, or code review, consists in examining the source code of an application in order to find bugs, potential vulnerabilities, or design errors in order to improve the quality, maintainability and security of the software. In particular, it contributes to:

  • Improve the security, quality, and stability of the code
  • Enforce standards
  • Reduce remediation costs by detecting defects early in the application life cycle

Overview about Visual Expert Code Inspection

Visual Expert scans the code of your applications and databases to identify code defects.
The automatic code review provided by Visual Expert is based on predefined rules that are regularly updated.

Code Inspection Dashboard

Get an overview of key indicators, breakdown errors by type and by severity, and estimate remediation workload. Drill down into code inspection charts/metrics to locate and fix issues.

Dive into the report to get more details on each segment.
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Code Inspection Key Metrics by Visual Expert

Locate issues in your code

Visualize the items that need to be fixed in a tree view.

Code that violates a rule is immediately visible and comes with tooltips to help developers remove the defects quickly.

Security Vulnerability in Oracle code
Security Vulnerability in PowerBuilder code

Generate Code Review Reports

Automatically generate a code review report, listing all errors and providing valuable information on problematic elements and how to fix them.

Which code languages can be inspected?

Visual Expert source code analyzers currently support:

  • PowerBuilder, PowerScript,
  • Oracle PL/SQL,
  • SQL Server T-SQL.

Code Languages Inspected by Visual Expert

What Types of Issues are Detected?

Visual Expert implements hundreds of rules, to check your code under various angles and improve its security, stability, and maintainability.

  • 300+ rules are currently available. You can view the list here.
  • Visual Expert detects Security Vulnerabilities, Bugs and Maintainability issues.
  • Something’s missing? Please let us know. We always welcome suggestions!

The upcoming versions will add Syntax Errors and Metrics to the list of supported issues.

Code Inspection for PB, Oracle and SQL Server Projects

Continuous Code Inspection

Visual Expert allows you to integrate code inspection into a CI/CD workflow to accelerate the delivery of flawless and bug-free builds without increasing technical debt.

Code Inspection for any Source Code

Visual Expert can inspect code from various sources:

  • Files located somewhere in your network
  • Source controls like GIT, SVN or TFS
  • Database, for Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server Transact-SQL code

Many options are available to run a code inspection. For instance:

  • Manually, from the Visual Expert UI, anytime you need.
  • Automatically, on a scheduled basis
  • With Jenkins, anytime a build is released
  • From another tool running Visual Expert by Command line

How to review my code?

Select the type of code you wish to review:

PowerBuilder, Oracle, SQL Server, Code Inspection