Generating Code Inspection Reports in JUnit and JSON formats

Visual Expert can export the results of code inspection in JUnit and JSON formats.

These results can then be integrated into DevOps platforms that support these formats, letting developers view them outside of Visual Expert.

Follow the steps below to extract inspection reports in JUnit and JSON formats:

  1. Access the Visual Expert Folder
    Open a command prompt and navigate to the Visual Expert installation folder.
    Open Command Prompt for Visual Expert 2024
  2. Add arguments to the analysis argument to create the output file:
  • JUnit
    Run this command to generate the output in JUnit format:
    Novalys.VisualExpert.Console.CommandLine.exe -a -p "SQL Server Sample Project" -O "C:\temp\output.xml" -F "JUNIT"
    JUnit Output Command

    Sample Output for JUnit
    JUnit Output Sample
  • JSON

    Run the below command to generate the output in JSON format.
    Novalys.VisualExpert.Console.CommandLine.exe -a -p "SQL Server Sample Project" -O "C:\temp\output.json" -F "JSON"
    JSON Output Command

    Sample Output for JSON
    JSON Output Sample

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