Impact Analysis Diagrams for Oracle


Impact analysis diagrams show the references to an item (table, column, object, method, variable, etc.) for Oracle database PL/SQL code.

Unlike Call Graphs that are multi-levels, Impact Analysis diagrams are single-level. But they show more details about the structure of the PL/SQL code and the container(s) of the objects referencing the initial item.

Impact analysis diagrams are very useful to:

  • Evaluate the consequences of a change.
  • Identify the pieces of code that should be modified to accomplish a given change.

How to Generate Impact Analysis Diagram for Oracle Database - PL/SQL Code ?

  • In the treeview, select an item to show all its references.
    • For instance, select a table, column, object, function or a variable.
    • Go to [Diagrams] in the ribbon menu, and click on "Impact Analysis"
    • A dependency diagram is generated in the treeview:

Generate Impact Analysis Diagrams from Oracle Code

  • Select an object in the diagram to view its code in the source code view

View the code of an Oracle object from Impact Analysis diagram

Edit a diagram

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Share, Export, Print a diagram

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