New Code Analyzer for SQL Server and Transact-SQL (Beta)

Visual Expert 2017 includes a new code parser to analyze T-SQL Code (stored procedures, functions…) and SQL Server Schemas (tables, views, triggers…).

You can select your SQL Server code by either:

  • Including files and/or folders in your Visual Expert project
  • Connecting to a SQL Server DB and filtering the DB objects with the project wizard.

Select SQL Server and T-SQL Code with files or Database connection

All the Visual Expert key features are supported:

  • Code Exploration and Impact Analysis
  • Code Review
  • Source Code documentation, etc.

Your Visual Expert Project can also include a combination of SQL Server + PB code to analyze the entire application (front end+back-end).

  • Review and maintain dependencies between Client and Server Code.
  • Navigate seamlessly between each language,
    for instance when a PB Script is referencing a SQL Server Procedure

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SQL Server, VE 2017