Expand or Collapse Multiple Treeview Items (Branches)

Expand or collapse one or several items (branches) using the "triangle buttton to expand/collapse items" button for any Treeview in Visual Expert.

How to Expand or Collapse Several Treeview Items in Visual Expert?

  • Open your project in Visual Expert.
  • Select any item, in the Main View. For instance, a stored procedure in your database.
    Click on "Call Graph (Tree)" in the Navigation Bar to explore the nodes for the selected procedure.
    Open the call tree nodes
  • As a result, the Call Graph (Tree) will be shown for the selected procedure in the Main View.
    Call Graph (Tree) in Visual Expert
  • Click on the first branch in the result and press [Ctrl + A]. All the branches will be selected automatically.
    In this case, the first branch is the "Delete" Statement.
    Select Multiple TreeView Branches

Note: You can also select one or several items using [Mouse Click] + [Shift] or [Mouse Click] + [Ctrl].

  • Next, right-click on any branch and select "Collapse Selected Items".
    Collapse Selected Items in a Call Tree
  • As a result, all the branches for the Call Tree will collapse automatically.
    And a "triangle buttton to expand/collapse items" button will appear beside all collapsed Treeview branches.
  • You can expand or collapse branches, by clicking on the "triangle buttton to expand/collapse items" button.
    Automatically Collapsed Call Tree Branches

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