Find the Synonyms of a Table

Visual Expert includes a new feature that allows you to discover the synonyms* created for tables or other database objects.

  1. Select a table (or another type of object)
  2. Click on "Synonym" in the navigation bar:

  3. find synonyms of a table

  4. Select a synonym item to highlight the related code in the source code view.

  5. find synonyms of a table


Visual Expert 2019 now also supports Synonyms when analyzing CRUD operations. Read this article to learn how to generate a CRUD matrix for tables and synonyms with Visual Expert.

(*) A synonym is an alternative name for objects such as tables, views, sequences, stored procedures, and other database objects. In SQL Server and Oracle, synonyms are frequently used to reference objects from other schemas. This way, users don't have to prefix object names with their schema when using it.

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