Visual Expert New Features - 2022

VE 2022 Code Inspection Features

VE 2022 | What’s New in Code Inspection?

Learn about the new features released with Visual Expert 2022 for enhanced code inspection and extended impact analysis.

Code Inspection, Code Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Code Review
Edit VE Project Names

Edit VE Project Names

This short tutorial presents how to edit your project names in Visual Expert. You can do so even after the project is already created.

Visual Expert, Edit Project Names, Customization
Support for PowerBuilder 2021

Support for PowerBuilder 2021

Visual Expert's static code analysis features now support and integrate with PowerBuilder 2021.

Visual Expert, PowerBuilder 2021, Configuration, Support
Updating Visual Expert

Automatically Updating Visual Expert

This short tutorial shows how to update Visual Expert automatically or manually.
Enabling automatic update of Visual Expert, allows you to benefit from new features as soon as they are available.

Visual Expert, Configuration, Support, Installation, Updates, Upgrades
Configure General Settings - Visual Expert

Configure General Settings

This short tutorial presents the General Settings of Visual Expert and their impact on the configuration of your system.

Visual Expert, Configuration, General Settings