Visual Expert New Features - 2022

Configure Visual Expert Scheduler with Windows Account

Configure Visual Expert Scheduler with Windows Account

Visual Expert allows users to configure the Scheduler with Windows Account credentials.
The developers can schedule the documentation without accessing the SQL Server instance; which is usually restricted by their network service.

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PowerBuilder System Objects TreeView Paging

Apply Pagination to TreeView Results

Visual Expert users can apply pagination to a long list of items in the TreeView to display results faster and make them easier to read and navigate.

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Find System Functions Used in your PowerBuilder App

System Functions Used New VE Macro

Visual Expert 2022 offers a new macro that allows developers to find all system functions used in a PB application, or by a given object. Simply select a function or object to see all cross-references and locate the calls in the source code effortlessly.

Automatically get the list of System Functions when selecting:

  • PBLs, Windows, DataWindows, UserObjects, Application objects, Menus, function objects.
  • The root of Functions Objects, Windows, UserObjects, DataWindows, Menus in the treeview
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Drill Down in Code Inspection Dashboard

VE 2022 Code Inspection Features

Visual Expert helps developers automatically check their code to ensure that a project is delivered in compliance with quality and security requirements, regardless of its complexity.

The dashboard which displays high-level indicators now allows you to drill down into the code inspection results. Simply click on a graph to:

  • View the complete list of bugs, vulnerabilities and maintainability issues corresponding to the clicked segment.
  • Get direct access to code that needs to be fixed.
  • Follow the evolution of the code quality and security.
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Using Visual Expert in Client/Server Architecture

VE 2022 Code Inspection Features

When applications are regularly updated, it is essential to refresh Visual Expert projects to reflect all the changes made to the source code.
Install VE on a server to analyze large volumes of code and facilitate development team collaboration.

Using VE in a Client/Server architecture allows to :

  • Analyze large volumes of code.
  • Work on a continuously updated analysis
  • Facilitate team work
  • Automate tasks
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New Code Review Tab in Ribbon Menu

New Code Review Tab in Ribbon Menu

The new 'Code Review' tab in the Ribbon Menu gathers the most frequently used code review features by users in Visual Expert.

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VE 2022 Code Inspection Features

What’s New in Visual Expert 2022

Learn about the new features released with Visual Expert 2022 for enhanced code inspection and extended impact analysis.

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Edit VE Project Names

Edit VE Project Names

This short tutorial presents how to edit your project names in Visual Expert. You can do so even after the project is already created.

Visual Expert, Edit Project Names, Customization
Support for PowerBuilder 2021

Support for PowerBuilder 2021

Visual Expert's static code analysis features now support and integrate with PowerBuilder 2021.

Visual Expert, PowerBuilder 2021, Configuration, Support
Updating Visual Expert

Automatically Updating Visual Expert

This short tutorial shows how to update Visual Expert automatically or manually.
Enabling automatic update of Visual Expert, allows you to benefit from new features as soon as they are available.

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Configure General Settings - Visual Expert

Configure General Settings

This short tutorial presents the General Settings of Visual Expert and their impact on the configuration of your system.

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