Visual Expert Articles Published in 2018

Code Performance Analysis

[BETA] Optimize the Performance of your Code

A new set of features will be released early Q4 2018. It is meant to identify slow pieces of DB code, to improve their response times. This article previews of some of these features...

Visual Expert 2018, Oracle, SQL Server, Code Performance
Find Calls to Web Services in PB Code

[Treeview] New Presentation for Macro Execution

Some Visual Expert features launched frome the treeview take some time to return a result because the query is complex and the volume of data is large. In such cases, Visual Expert treeview displays a progress bar about the progess of the execution of the macro.

Find Calls to Web Services in PB Code

[How To] Find Calls to Web Services from your PB Code

When working on a PowerBuilder application, you may need to find all references to a particular web service.

Visual Expert is now analyzing the dependencies between powerbuilder objects and web services.

Visual Expert 2018, PowerBuilder, Web Services
Visual Expert Code Comparison

[How To] Compare code with Visual Expert

When your application is evolving, you may need to understand what has changed between 2 specific versions.

Visual Expert now lets you select 2 analysis of your code and compare them. Visual Expert will show what has changed between each analysis.

Visual Expert 2018, Code Comparison
Select TFS as a source of code

Visual Expert for SQL Server GA

Visual Expert for SQL Server now officially available with all Visual Expert main features.

Analyze your Transact SQL code and SQL Server Schemas