Cross References

Understand the Code, no matter how complex | Don't break your app after a change

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

Avoid Regressions after a change

  • Find out where elements are used or accessed.
  • View calls to certain items at instruction level.

CRUD Matrix

Review CRUD Operations

  • Find all objects accessing certain tables.
Call Graph

Call Graphs

Explore Chains of Calls

  • View chains of calls.
  • Review a business feature.
Call Graph

Reverse Call Graphs

Recursive Impact Analysis

  • View calling relationships at multiple levels
Call Graph

Object Dependency

2-Dimension Matrix

  • Review references between Oracle, SQL Server and PowerBuilder objects.
Stored Procedures at Object level

Stored Procedures Calls

Find calls to Stored Procedures

  • Find all PowerBuilder objects and methods calling stored procedures
pbl dependecies

PBL Dependencies

Explore Dependencies at PBL Level

  • Visualize calls accross PBLs.
  • Separate application modules.
Find Calls to Web Services in PowerBuilder

Web Services

Track PowerBuilder calls to Web services

  • Review PowerBuilder calls to Web Services.