Visual Expert Supports PBG Files for Code Analysis

Visual Expert now supports code analysis for PBG files (listing PB objects).

Each PBG will be processed like a PBL. VE will read objects definition and create components accordingly. On the other hand, Visual Expert will not process PRP file since they do not object lists, nor object definitions.

Read the tutorial on How to Create a Project using PowerBuilder Code with PBG Files in Source Control.

What are PBG & PRP files?

PRP files

PBNative creates files with an extra PRP extension for every object registered in the server storage location. If an object with the same file name (minus the additional extension) has been checked out, a PRP file provides the user name of the person who has placed a lock on the object. PRP files are created on the server, not in the local path.

PowerBuilder also adds a version number to the PRP file for an object in the PBNative archive directory when you register that object with PBNative source control. PowerBuilder increments the version number when you check in a new revision. The version number is visible in the Show History dialog box that you open from the pop-up menu for the object, or in the Library painter when you display the object version numbers.

PBG files

PowerBuilder creates and uses PBG files to determine if any objects present on a source control server are missing from local PowerScript targets. Up-to-date PBG files insure that the latest objects in source control are available to all developers on a project, and that the objects are associated with a named PBL file.

Find more information about PBG & PRP files.

Sample PBG file:

Sample PBG Files

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