What’s New in Visual Expert 2022?

1. Enhanced Code Inspection Dashboard

Visual Expert 2021 introduced code inspection features to automatically detect vulnerabilities, bugs and maintainability issues.

In this new version, the dashboard has been improved to allow you to drill down into the code inspection results with greater efficiency.

Interactive Code Inspection Dashboard

Now you can click on a graph to see code health trends, list of issues, and get direct access to the items that need to be fixed.

code inspection drill down video

2. Extended Impact Analysis with New Sources of Code

Fine-grained analysis and code parsing for new sources of code:

Check Impact Analysis for PB Code

3. Visual Expert UI Enhancements

Expand or Collapse Treeview Items (Branches)

Collapse Items

For easier reading of the output of the different features, you can now expand
or collapse the elements (branches) in the Visual Expert treeview.

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Treeview Paging

You now also have the possibility to enable paging in the treeview to speed up the display of large results: by default, only a limited number of items will be loaded.

Enable TreeView Elements

Code Review dedicated tab in VE Menu

You can now find all the features and options related to the code review in a dedicated tab of the Visual Expert main menu.

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Code Review Tab in Ribbon Menu


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