VE 2022 | What’s New in Code Inspection?

Visual Expert’s code scan detects vulnerabilities, bugs and maintainability issues. An interactive dashboard gathers key indicators on security, maintainability and reliability to drive remediation tasks.

The Code Inspection Dashboard enables developers to:

  • Visualize primary defects after code inspection.
  • Break down the issues detected by severity and type.
  • Estimate remediation costs and technical debts.
  • Access items that need to be fixed in the code.

VE checks your code against 300 pre-defined code inspection rules and highlights the issues. The developers can automatically locate these issues and fix them to improve code quality and security.

When developers make changes to their code, Visual Expert analyzes their impact on other objects, procedures, and methods of the application. Thus, they can quickly fix a problem without breaking their application.

What’s New for Static Code Analysis in Visual Expert 2022?

1. Enhanced Code Inspection

code inspection drill down video

Visual Expert makes it easier to remove code flaws with:

  • Interactive Dashboard with drill-down to instructions
  • Additional Inspection Rules to check code security
  • New Settings to adjust rules for code inspection
  • User-friendly Tooltips in your dashboard

2. Extended Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis in PowerBuilder Code

Fine-grained analysis and code parsing for new sources of code:


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