Code Performance Tuning for PowerBuilder [Coming Soon]

Visual Expert already gives detailed analysis for Oracle and SQL Server database code performance. It will soon be extended to PowerBuilder code analysis.

Why Analyze PowerBuilder Code Performance with Visual Expert?

To go beyond traditional PowerBuilder tracing and profiling:

  • Collect and consolidate traces coming from multiple sessions/workstations
  • Visually analyze the slowest pieces of code under different scenarios
  • Easily identify bottlenecks in large volumes of code

When working with large applications, you are likely to come across a long list of objects to refactor. It is essential to prioritize which object to work on first to optimize the application’s performance.

Visual Expert extracts the top slowest objects in your PowerBuilder application and puts them in a container hierarchy. This makes it easy to locate and fix them.

PowerBuilder Code Performance

To better identify priorities, Visual Expert can analyze the results under two different angles:

    This macro displays the object(s) or method(s) taking the longest time when the application is running.
    [Slowest pieces of code, no matter how frequently executed]
    This macro considers how frequently a method or an object is executed.
    Even the fastest executions with high frequency can slow down the application’s user experience.
    [Average execution time * number of executions]

To provide a flexible analysis scope, Visual Expert can review the performance for various perimeters:

  • For an entire application (may not be appropriate for very large ones)
  • Per library - to focus on a particular PBL library
  • Per specific type of object(s)
    For example: to review all the windows or user objects.
  • Per object or a certain selection of objects that needs to be improved.

Performance Tuning for PowerBuilder

Watch the online technical session from Elevate 2022 conference. Get a sneak peek of VE 2023 analyzing PB code performance:


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