Visual Expert for SQL Server is now available!

In April 2017, we released a Beta version of our SQL Server Code analyzers. The documentation generator for SQL Server was published in July 2017, followed in September by the release of Visual Expert for SQL Server Beta2.

The official version (GA) is now available within Visual Expert 2018.

It includes the same feature than for Oracle and PowerBuilder:

  • Exploration of Transact SQL Code and SQL Server Schemas.
  • Impact Analyses and Cross-references
  • CRUD matrix, to find which code is using your SQL Server data, and how.
  • Source Code documentation
  • Code Review
  • etc.

Best practices - Get started with VE for SQL Server:

This article will explain important guidelines when starting with VE for SQL Server:

  • Leverage Server and Scheduler features
  • Check the resources allocated
  • Check the analysis of your code
  •
Visual Expert for SQL Server