Configure a Code Inspection Job with VE JENKINS Plugin

Visual Expert's Jenkins plugin lets you automate tasks related to Visual Expert projects with an easy-to-configure UI.

How to configure the VE Jenkins Plugin for code inspection?

  • Install the Visual Expert Plugin to the Jenkins Server.
  • Go to Dashboard → Manage Jenkins → Tools.
    Configure the Visual Expert Installation path in the Tools section. Select [Visual Expert] Plugin from the build drop-down list.
  • Jenkins will automatically download the VE projects currently configured in your local system.
  • Enter the Installation Path for Visual Expert on your local system.
    Visual Expert Plugin Installation - Jenkins
  • Select the Visual Expert Project you want to inspect from the drop-down list.
  • Select the report format as (JUNIT or JSON).
  • Mention the output path where the report should be saved.
  • Check the boxes for the job(s) you would like to run for your Visual Expert Project.
    VE Jenkins Plugin - Build Steps
  • Jenkins will run the code inspection jobs successfully. (See Below)
    VE Jenkins Plugin - Sample Output


Continuous Code Inspection, Visual Expert, Jenkins Plugin