Configure a Code Inspection Job with VE JENKINS Plugin

The Visual Expert (VE) Plugin configuration in Jenkins enables users to perform code analysis and generate documentation for the Visual Expert projects.

This VE Jenkins Plugin allows users to automate build commands for Visual Expert projects.
The Visual Expert (VE) Jenkins Plugin simplifies code analysis, code inspection and documentation generation automation with an easy-to-configure UI.

How to Perform Code Inspection using VE Jenkins Plugin?

  • Install the Visual Expert Plugin to the Jenkins Server.
  • Go the 'Build Triggers' tab and select [Visual Expert] Plugin from the build drop-down list.

VE Jenkins Plugin - Builder Configuration

  • Jenkins will automatically download the VE projects currently configured in your local system.
  • In the next window:
    • Enter the Installation Path for Visual Expert on your local system.
    • Select the Visual Expert Project you want to inspect from the drop-down list.
    • Check the boxes for the job(s) you would like to run for your VE Project.

VE Jenkins Plugin - Check Validation

VE Jenkins Plugin - Set Configuration

  • Jenkins will run the code inspection jobs successfully. (See Below)

VE Jenkins Plugin - Console Output


Continuous Code Inspection, Visual Expert, Jenkins Plugin