Visual Expert 2024: Now GA with Code Profiling

Visual Expert 2024 GA

Visual Expert 2024 is now available for download, packed with new features designed to enhance your PowerBuilder, Oracle, and SQL Server development experience.

This latest version introduces PowerBuilder code profiling, comprehensive code inspection reports, customizable inspection profiles, and more.

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What’s New in Visual Expert 2024

PowerBuilder Code Profiling

Generate a trace to identify slow code in your business process. Visual Expert highlights these lines in red with execution time percentages, allowing you to focus on critical areas for optimization.

Code Inspection Reports in JUnit & JSON

Export the results of Visual Expert code inspection in JUnit or JSON formats for seamless DevOps integration. These reports provide a comprehensive project overview without needing to open Visual Expert.

Customizable Code Inspection Profiles

Tailor code inspection results by setting error thresholds. Choose from predefined profiles: Ideal, Strict, Moderate, Light and Legacy, or create a customized profile to strike a balance between code quality, security and your project's progress.

Migration to PowerBuilder 2022 and Higher

Visual Expert rounds out the results provided by the PB Migration Assistant by providing specific rules to detect unsupported code in PowerBuilder 2022 and later versions, ensuring a smooth migration.

Quick Search

The new Quick Search feature displays results in a simple list within the treeview, making it easy to find and access desired strings with markers in the source code view.

Enhancements in Visual Expert 2024

Performance Updates

Enjoy faster treeview macros and quicker code analyses. Core updates include a new licensing system based on lines of code, enhanced PowerBuilder project creation in Source Control, improved Source Control connections, and enhanced FIPS encryption support.

Macro Development Enhancements

New features like the improved CRUD matrix for DataWindows, a performance-oriented Smart Profiling Macro, and the 'Most Defective Items' Macro for Application and Code Inspection root nodes, all contribute to a more efficient development process.

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