Call Graphs

Create Call Graphs with Visual Expert for Oracle


A call graph is a diagram representing objects referencing each others (multiple levels).

This graph can be used to: 

  • Document the inner workings of an application, analyze every possible run.
  • Predict the impact of a change 
  • Track the flow of values between procedures
  • Detect anomalies of program execution, find procedures never called. 
  • etc.

How to generate a Call Hierarchy diagram for PL/SQL Code?

  • In the treeview, select a stored procedure or a table, a function, a trigger, etc.
  • Go to [Diagrams] in the ribbon menu, and click on "Called Hierarchy diagram"
  • A diagram is generated. When hovering an item, a tooltip shows details about this item.

generate call tree diagrams for database objects

  • You can highlight a particular entity and its dependencies:
    Select it in the diagram, all the connected items will be highlighted in blue

generate call tree diagrams for oracle and sql server database code with visual expert

  • If you select an entity in the diagram, its code is displayed in the source code view:

generate call tree diagrams for oracle code

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