Create Project using PowerBuilder Code with PBG Files in Source Control

This tutorial describes how to create a Visual Expert project using PowerBuilder source code containing PBG files (listing PB objects).

  • Open the Visual Expert Project Wizard. Select the PowerBuilder language and version.
  • While selecting the type of source, click on [PowerBuilder Files/PBLs in Team Foundation Server].
    Select PowerBuilder Files/PBLs Source Type
  • Ensure that your are connected to TFS (Team Foundation Server) source control to locate the source code.
  • Select the folder containng the PBG files within the Team Foundation Server.
    Click on ">>" button to add the files/folders for further analysis.
    For instance, let's add the PBG_PB folder as shown below:
    Add PBG Files for Code Analysis
  • Select the applicable file extensions when prompted. Check the "Scan subfolders" checkbox if needed and click [OK].
    Note: Please ensure the .pbg file extension is checked.
    Select applicable file extensions
  • Source code will be added for further analysis. Click on [Next].
    PBG Folder added for Code Analysis
  • Enter a project name of your choice and click [Next].
    Enter a new project name
  • Click on [Finish] to complete project creation. Visual Expert will commence the code analysis automatically.
    Finish Project creation to Start Analysis
  • Once analyzed, Visual Expert will load the results in Treeview.
    The PBG file(s) selected during project creation get enlisted with their components under "All PBLs".
    For example, the vge_security.pbg file will be listed as vge_security.pbl as shown below:
    PBG Components listed under PBL

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