Find Stored Procedures Calls in PowerBuilder

Visual Expert can find all PowerBuilder objects and methods calling stored procedures, indicating the procedures called, and highlighting the corresponding references in the PowerBuilder code.

Follow these steps:

  • Select one or several PBLs in the treeview. Click on "Stored Procedures Called" in the navigation bar.
    Stored Procedures Called in PowerBuilder Code
    Visual Expert finds calls to Stored Procedures in the PowerBuilder code, no matter whether you included or not the Oracle PL/SQL or SQL Server Transact-SQL code in your project.
  • Select an Object calling a procedure in the treeview.
    Stored Procedures Called in PowerBuilder Code
  • References to the procedure are highlighted in the code.
    PowerBuilder objects calling stored procedures
  • If you need to view all references to a given procedure, select the procedure and click on “Impact Analysis”.
  • The same feature is available at application or object level.
  • At Application level: Select the root of the PBLs and click on “Stored Procedures Called”.
    Stored Procedures at the root of PBLs
  • At Object level: Select any object in the treeview and click on “Stored Procedures called”.
    Stored Procedures at Object level


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