Reverse Call Graphs

What is a Reverse Call Graph?

A Reverse Call Graph shows which items are used by other items, at multiple levels.

What is Reverse Call Graph?


  • The relationships are in the opposite direction of a Call Graph.
  • Results are similar to Impact Analyses, but with multiple levels.
    Reverse call graphs can be considered as recursive Impact Analyses.
  • if you’re not yet familiar with Visual Expert,
    you can start with Impact Analysis, easier to use.

Why use Reverse Call Graphs?

  1. Analyze the consequences of a change at multiple levels.
    Reverse Call Graphs give a deeper vision than a (single-level) Impact Analysis.
  2. Understand the inner workings of your application.
  3. Debug anomalies of program execution.

How to Generate Reverse Call Graphs?

Please select the tutorial corresponding to your language:

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