Exploring Datawindow DataSources

With this feature, PowerBuilder developers can explore Datawindow DataSources and visualize their dependencies with the Database:

  • Table updated,
  • Retrieve SQL,
  • Stored Procedures called for Retrieve/Insert/Update/Delete
  • DW columns used for parameter passing etc.

Below are a couple examples:

This Datawindow is based on a SQL and updates the table “Sales_order”:

Datawindow based on a SQL

This Datawindow call 2 procedures for Retrieve and Delete purposes:

DW calling 2 procedures

When a procedure is called, you can display its code, provided it has been included in the VE project. You can then explore the DB Code by clicking on hyperlinks in the procedure’s code:

Exlpore DB code using hyperlinks

You can also perform an impact analysis, to find where this procedure is called in your application:

Impact analysis on a procedure

Macro parameters will allow developers to display only some of these items.
For instance, you list only the Stored Procedures used for deleting data

Macro parameters


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