Coming Soon: Code Inspection!

Visual Expert will soon bring a new 'Code Inspection' feature set

This will greatly help improve the security and quality of your code:

  • In short, Visual Expert will analyze each method/script based on 300+ rules (see below).
  • For starter, VE will detect security and maintainability issues, as well as bugs.
    Later on, syntax error detection and code metrics will be included.
  • At first, code inspection will be done via the Visual Expert UI.
    Then, VE will generate HTML reports.
  • Finally, a Jenkins Plug-in will be released to perform Continuous Code Inspections.

Code Inspection Feature Set by Visual Expert

Below is an example of a security vulnerability found in a PowerBuilder application:

Passwords have been hardcoded in 2 PowerScripts.

Security Issues in PowerBuilder Applications

In both cases, Visual Expert will highlight the issue in the code.

Highlight issues in your code

You can then open this script directly in the PB IDE to fix the issue.

Open Scripts in PB IDE to fix issue

Try with your code

We will soon open a beta program for this feature set.
Contact us if you’re interested to join!


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