Visual Expert 2019 is Available

Visual Expert 2019 is officially available!

In addition to a number of improvements such as the new documentation template, Visual Expert 2019 includes new tools to help you go even further in the maintenance and improvement of your PowerBuilder, Oracle and SQL Server code.

Database Code Performance for Oracle and SQL Server

Identify Performance Issues in your DB Code

A new set of features dedicated to improving the performance of Oracle and SQL Server database code.
After collecting database performance statistics, Visual Expert will allow you to:

  • Identify slow Oracle or SQL Server objects (procedures, functions...).
  • Pinpoint bottle necks, slow instructions and/or queries.
  • Improve response times.
  • Reduce table locks.
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Code Diagrams

Visual Expert now offers a new way to visualize objects and dependencies.

Code diagrams are generated from PowerBuilder, Oracle and SQL Server Code.
An editor allows you to adjust objects position if needed.
You can then save, export and share your diagrams

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Code Review Reports

Generate a code review html report

Visual Expert now generates code review reports for PowerBuilder, SQL Server and Oracle code so you can:

  • Check coding rules and conventions.
  • Find unused objects
  • Review all issues with HTML Reports.
  • Improve maintainability.

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