Code Inspection Report

Code inspection results are now available as a part of the Code Review Report.

How to include Code Inspection Results in the Code Review Report?

  • Generate a Code Review Report from the Ribbon Menu.
    Refer to this page for more details on generating a code review report.
    Code Inspection Issues Macro in VE
  • Once generated, click on [Open/View].
    A new section for 'Code Inspection' can be seen in the Report Home page.
    Code Inspection Results in Review Report
  • Click on a Code Inspection result to examine, for instance: Code Inspection for SqlServer.
    A new page will appear on screen, listing the broken rules in code.
    Broken Rules List from Code Review
  • When you click on a rule, you will see the list of objects breaking that rule as shown below:
    List of objects breaking code rules


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