New Update: Generate CRUD Matrix on Views

Visual Expert 2020 now supports generating CRUD matrix on database Views.
This matrix is a consolidated report of all the CRUD operations performed on the Views, as well as the Tables over which the Views are generated.

How to Generate a CRUD Matrix on Views, using Visual Expert?

  • Select one or several Views from the ‘Main View’ section.
  • Click on ‘CRUD Matrix’ in the navigation bar.

    Create a CRUD Matrix for DB Views

  • Once the file is generated, the following message will appear.
  • Click on ‘Open’.

    Open the CRUD Matrix in Excel

  • This will open the corresponding CRUD Matrix in an Excel file, wherein:
    • Views and underlying Tables appear as columns.
    • The ‘Calling Item’ appears in the first column.
    • The Item Type for the calling items is displayed in the adjacent cell.
    • The ‘C’, ‘R’, ‘U’ and ‘D’ indicate the type of operations performed on the Tables and Views.

    Example of CRUD Matrix including Views


Visual Expert 2020, PowerBuilder, Oracle, SQL Server