How to Explore dependencies at PBL level

PBL Dependencies

Developers may need to see code dependencies at PBL level.

For instance:

  • When isolating a given module of the application, to make it independent from the others
  • When tracking the dependencies between client and back-end PB code (deployed on EA Server, running with the PB Application Server Plug-in )

Whenever an object of PBL (A) is calling an Object of PBL (B), a dependency is created between these 2 PBLs. This feature will show all levels of dependencies between PBLs, like a call tree:

Once you have identified that PBL (A) is somehow calling PBL (B), you may need to dig deeper to see exactly which object is calling what in the called PBL.

In the example below, the application object “demopfc”, defined in the PBL “demopfc.pbl” is calling 1 userobject and 4 events outside of this PBL.

External References

PBL External References

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can take it from there and:

  • Show the PBL containing the object(s) called by the application object “demopfc”
    external references to pbl
  • Show the source code of the application object “demopfc”, and higlight the reference to the object called in another PBL
    higlight the reference to the object called in another PBL



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