Solutions to Visual Expert Freezing or not Responding

This article proposes four troubleshooting solutions in case Visual Expert stops responding or freezes during operation.

1. Disable Visual Expert usage statistics

  • Open Visual Expert → Go to Settings → General Settings → Anonymous Statistics
  • Disable the option "Send statistics about the use of Visual Expert" by unchecking the corresponding checkbox.
    Disable Usage Statistics Report

2. Rename UIContext Folder

  • Close the Visual Expert application.
  • Navigate to this path: C:\ProgramData\Novalys\VisualExpert
     Visual Expert folder
  • Find the folder named "UIContext".
    Rename UI Context Folder
  • Rename the folder to "UIContext_old".
  • Launch the Visual Expert application.

3. Grant "Full Control" permission to the Visual Expert folder

  • Navigate to this path: C:\ProgramData\Novalys.
    Select Visual Expert Folder
  • Right-click on the VisualExpert folder, then select Properties and go to the Security tab.
    Open Visual Expert Security Properties
  • Select a User and click [Edit].
    Select User and Click Edit
  • Check [Full Control] under the Allow column, then click OK and Apply.
    Allow Full Control
  • Wait for the permissions to apply.
  • Once done, if any dialog boxes are hidden behind the Explorer window, minimize it and click OK on all of them.

4. Clearing Log Files

  • Navigate to this path: C:\ProgramData\Novalys\VisualExpert.
  • Find the "Log" folder.
    Delete or clear log files
  • Delete or clear all the logs.


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