Visual Expert Installation

Edit the Details of your Repository Connection

Why use this tutorial?

Follow this tutorial if you are already using a Repository and need to edit your connecting settings. For instance; you may want to adjust your connection timeout.

  1. Open the file menu and click on [Connect VE Repository].
    Connect Visual Expert Repository
  2. Click on [Edit Connection].
    Edit Connection for VE Repository
  3. In “Repository Connection Settings”, check and edit the connection details you need to change.
  4. Click on [Test Connection].
  5. If successfully connected, click on [Save].
    Test then Save Repository Connection
  6. Once you are back to the previous Window, click on [Test Connection] again to double check.
  7. Once successfully tested, click on [Next].
    Repository Connection Successful
  8. Select the repository you wish to use and click [Finish].
    Select Visual Expert Repository
  9. Select the VE projects you wish to use and click [Open].
    Open a Visual Expert Project


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