How to Request a Visual Expert License Key

Why do I need a product key?

The Visual Expert product key is stored in the VE Repository.

If your Repository does not include a valid license key:

  • You can still analyze your code.
  • But you will only get partial results.
    For instance, an impact analysis will only display a part of the references.
  • The volume of code that you can analyze may be limited.
  • Some features may be disabled (Code Comparison, Code documentation...).
  • Visual Expert will remind you these limitations, and suggest to get a key.

How to request a key (with Internet Access)

  • Depending on your context, Visual Expert may suggest to request a product key.
    If so, click the link to request your key.
  • If not, go to [Help - License Key], and select "Request a product key"
  • Fill the form below and click [Finish].
    Visual Expert Key request form
  • Your request is automatically sent via the Internet to the VE team that will generate your key. 
  • You will be notified by email when your product key is available. 
  • Open Visual Expert again: your key should automatically be downloaded.
  • A Windows notification should inform you that the key has been downloaded.
    Key download Windows notification
  • If not, go to Help > License key
  • Select [Download the requested product key]
  • A Windows notification should inform you that the key has been downloaded:
    Manual Key Visual Expert download Windows notification

How to request a key (without Internet Access)

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you must request your key by email:

  • Go to Help > License key.
  • Select [Request and enter a key manually].
    Manually Request a Visual Expert Key
  • Clicking Next, a second window will indicate you "Computer Id" and "Repository Id".
    Visual Expert registration Computer and Repository ID
  • Copy and send this information by email to the Visual Expert team.
  • In return, you will get a "Request Identifier" and a "Key".
  • Open Visual Expert, and go to [Help - License key]
  • Select "Request and enter a key manually".
  • Copy the "Request Identifier" and "Key" and click "Finish" (see above).
  • A message should confirm that your key has been installed:
    Manual Request Install Confirmation