How to explore previous versions of your code

1. Creating “snapshots” of your code

Anytime Visual Expert refreshes the analysis of your code, the previous analysis is archived in the VE Repository. This works for both Standalone and Client/Server configurations:

Explore previous version of your code

2. Exploring a previous “snapshot”

You can open a previous code analysis of your project whenever you like, provided this previous analysis is still available in the VE Repository.

Simply open the menu [Tool – Switch Analysis] and select the analysis you wish to explore:

Switch Analysis

3. Reviewing / removing snapshots

Go to Settings > Project Setup > tab “Project” > tab “History”.
The following grid lists the snapshots (Code Analysis) available in the VE Repository:

List of past analysis

You may want to keep only certain Code Analyses - for instance those following important changes – to keep track of the most important “milestones” of your application.
To remove a particular Code Analysis from the Repository, select it in the grid and click “Remove”.

You can also review the messages displayed by the code parser at the time of a particular code analysis: simply select the analysis and click the “information” button in the “status” column of the grid. The following window appears:

Log History

You can then:

  • Export this log as an HTML file
  • Send this log to the VE support team, for technical assistance

4. What about my disk space?

Each Code Analysis stored will consume some disk space. Visual Expert will automatically monitor the space available and remove an old Code Analysis before storing a new one, if needed.

You can adjust the Disk Space Management settings from: Settings > Project Setup > HDD Space

Disk Space Management



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