How to Share a Diagram

Share or export a Diagram

Depending on your needs, you have several options to share or export diagrams:

1. Share the diagram with other Visual Expert users

This option allows anyone connected to your VE project to download a copy of the diagram in his Visual Expert client, to leverage the features of the VE UI: diagram synchronized with source code, code exploration, etc.

  • Select the parent item of the diagram ("Department" in this example)
  • Right-click - Select "Create view from selection"
    Create a view from Visual Expert diagram
  • This will isolate the diagram in a separate view (tabpage)
  • Right-click on the tab name - Select "Share this View":

    Share a Visual Expert Diagram
  • All VE users connected to your project can open this view from [View - Load a shared View]

    Load a shared View

2. Export the diagram as an image

After generating the diagram, simply click on the "export" button to generate a PNG file:


3. Export the diagram as an editable file

From the Diagram Editor:

  1. Go to [File - Save As…]
    Save a diagram as editable file
  2. Choose a name and location
  3. The diagram is saved as a "*.velogdiagram" file
  4. Other Visual Expert users can simply double-click on the diagram to edit it.

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