Remove Dead Code with Visual Expert

  • Install Visual Expert and create a new project to analyze your code.
  • To find unused Oracle PL/SQL or SQL Server Transact-SQL objects,
    Select an application, a package or an object type. Click on "Unused Components".
    Find Unused Components in Source Code
  • To find unused PowerBuilder objects,
    Select a target, a PBL, or an Object type (Windows, UO, DW…) in the treeview. Click on "Possibly Unused Objects".
    Find Unused Objects in Source Code
  • To find unused PowerBuilder methods, variables and parameters,
    Select a PB Object and click on "Possibly Unused Items".
    Find Unused Items in Source Code

Note: An object is considered "unused" when the code analysis does not find any reference to it.

For the possible dynamic references in source code, that are not detected in static analysis:
Visual Expert's "Unused Items" feature helps to focus on a very small number of "probably unused objects", saving time on checking the entire application.

You can also search for the name of a given object through simple string search:

  • In the Ribbon Menu, go to "Search".
  • Enter the object name in the field "Source Code".
    Search Bar for Source Code in VE

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