Code Quality and Security

Code Review consists of proofreading a piece of code in order to detect security flaws, bugs, dead code, and verify that the development standards have been respected (among other things).

Although the benefits of code review are undeniable, it is often put aside for lack of means.
Visual Expert makes code review accessible to any project by automating it with over 300 predefined rules.

Visual Expert's code review features allow you to improve code quality to facilitate maintenance with better structured code.

They also allow you to detect security flaws that will be classified according to their severity.

code review report contents

The results of the analysis can be explored in different ways:

  • You can generate a code review report in html format that can be easily shared.
  • An interactive dashboard allows you to view high-level information and drill down into charts and tables to reach the affected items.
  • The treeview allows you to view the element in a hierarchy of containers, their code and cross references.
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