Visual Expert Web: Alpha Version

What is Visual Expert Web?

Visual Expert (VE) Web is a web-based interface that allows users to access Visual Expert's extensive features and functionalities remotely via a web browser.

This platform offers a convenient way to analyze code, generate reports, and perform various tasks without needing to install the Visual Expert desktop application. The Web facilitates collaboration on code analysis projects, provides access to analysis results, and allows users to manage their Visual Expert accounts from any location with internet access.

Visual Expert Web Installation Guide

Key Advantages of the Visual Expert Web


Visual Expert Web enables users to access Visual Expert's tools from any location with internet connectivity, making it ideal for remote or distributed teams to collaborate on code analysis projects.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Operating within a web browser, VE Web is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring broad accessibility across different devices.

Ease of Use

Featuring a user-friendly interface, VE Web requires no installation or setup, allowing users to start code review and analysis tasks immediately without needing technical expertise.


VE Web supports simultaneous access for multiple users, facilitating real-time collaboration on code analysis projects. This promotes teamwork and knowledge sharing among team members.

Centralized Management

Administrators can centrally manage user accounts, permissions, and projects through VE Web, streamlining user management and ensuring security and compliance with organizational policies.

Detailed Features of Visual Expert Web

Code Inspection Section

Visual Expert’s code inspection feature analyzes source code to identify potential issues, errors, and areas for improvement.

It provides developers with actionable insights to enhance code quality, adhere to coding standards, and optimize performance.

Code Inspection Dashboard Web

The dashboard displays key indicators such as the number of issues found, remediation cost, and technical debt.

Users can click on specific indicators for detailed insights, such as viewing all issues within the security pie chart.

VE Web - Key Indicators

Documentation Section

This section offers a comprehensive overview of all project components, including tables, stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc., aiding in code comprehension, maintenance, and team collaboration.

Code Documentation Dashboard Web

Users can view code inspection details, including the number of issues and their specific locations within the code via line numbers.

Code Inspection Details in Web

Project and Analysis Navigation

Visual Expert Web allows easy navigation through the project list and the analyses created, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Navigation through Projects List in VE Web
Navigation through Analysis List in VE Web

Globalization Support

Visual Expert Web supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.
Languages Supported in VE Web

Quick Access to Features

Users can easily access projects, settings, VE documentation, refresh projects, and logout.
Access VE Web Settings

Access Projects List in VE Web

Projects: View a list of all projects.

Access All Settings in VE Web

Settings: Manage account details, user permissions, general settings, and license details.

View User Permissions in VE Web

Users: View the permissions provided to each user.

View General Settings in VE Web

General: Set refresh timer and view the domain list.

View License Details in VE Web

License: View all license related information.

Documentation: Access Visual Expert documents and user guides.

Enhanced Features for User Management and Navigation

  • User Management
    Visual Expert Web supports various user types, including those authenticated via Windows Authentication and dedicated Visual Expert users, ensuring seamless integration with existing authentication systems.
  • Filter Functionality
    Advanced filter functionality enables users to search within tree-view and data grid interfaces, enhancing navigation and efficiency.
  • Smart Sections
    Organize and display view elements dynamically for a clear and intuitive look at analysis data.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
    Breadcrumb navigation improves the user experience by providing clear navigation paths and item locations within the Web interface, allowing users to track their navigation history easily.
  • Project-Level Permissions
    Granular project-level permissions allow administrators to define access levels and restrictions for individual users or user groups, enhancing security and control over project resources.

Follow the step-by-step VE Web Installation guide to access all features.