How to View Comments for Tables and Columns in Oracle Code Documentation

Visual Expert (VE) now supports adding comments to Oracle tables and columns.
These comments are essential to document and explain the purpose of a particular table or column.

The Visual Expert Oracle code parser now analyzes them. Comments will be then displayed in the VE UI, as well as in the Oracle PL/SQL Code Documentation.

Check Comments in the Main View

  • To view comments for tables, select ‘Tables’ at the root of the treeview.
    Click on ‘All Tables’ in the Navigation Bar.
    Comments are displayed (whenever available) beside each Table Name.

Select table at the root of treeview

  • Click on a table in the Main View to check it’s associated COMMENTS in the Source Code View.

Check comments for table in source code view

  • To check COMMENTS on Columns, select a table and click on ‘Columns’ in the Navigation Bar.

Check comments on columns  

Check Comments in the Documentation

Refer to this article to learn how to generate an Oracle PL/SQL code documentation using Visual Expert.

Once the documentation has been generated, follow these steps :

  • Open the Code Documentation generated by Visual Expert.
  • In the Dashboard, click on ‘Tables’ to display the list of tables of your application.

    Check Comments in Oracle PLSQL Documentation

  • Table comments will be displayed in the ‘Description’ column.

    Check comments on table in Oracle PLSQL Documentation

  • To check Column’s comments, click on a Table Name from the list of tables.
    Its Columns are listed in the table details page, along with the associated COMMENTS in the column ‘Description’.
Check comments on column in Oracle PLSQL Documentation


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