DataWindow Exploration Features

Retrieve Arguments

This feature lists the retrieve arguments for the DataWindows selected in the treeview.

Controls containing

While exploring your PowerBuilder code, you may run into Datawindows and would like to know where they are used in your application. This feature will display the control(s) containing/Using the datawindow(s) selected in the treeview:

  • You can select 1 or several Datawindows before triggering this feature
  • If the Datawindow is used in multiple locations, all the controls containing it will be listed
  • Both Datawindow Controls and UserObject Controls are supported

controls containing

Note : this macro was initially introduced in VE 5, but was not available in VE 6. It has been redeveloped and improved in VE 2015.

Computed Fields

This macro finds the computed fields in the Datawindow(s) selected in the treeview. For each Computed Field found:

  • The expression is listed below the compute field, and highlighted in the source code
  • The DW columns referenced are listed in the treeview.

Computed fields


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