Use Filter and Search to Find Code Inspection Rules

Visual Expert can check PowerBuilder, Oracle (PL/SQL) and SQL Server (T-SQL) code against hundreds of code inspection rules.

You can customize code inspection results by configuring or disabling some of the rules.

To help you easily find the rules you are looking for, the Code Inspection window now includes a search field and filtering options.

How to use the Search field to find Code Rules?

  • Open the Code Inspection Settings window.
  • Go to the ‘Search’ field and type in a relevant keyword to filter the rules.
    Search for Code Inspection Rule
  • The result will populate over the 3 sets of code inspection rules (PowerBuilder, Oracle and SQL Server tabs).
    For example:

How to Filter Code Rules?

The Code Inspection Windows includes a [Filter rules] button, next to the ‘Search’ Field.
Note: unlike the text search, Filter applies to one language only.

  • Click on [Filter rules].
    Filter Code Inspection Rules
  • Visual Expert opens the ‘Filter Editor’ window.
    A condition is set by default to display all active rules.
    Default option to filet code inspection rules in Visual Expert
  • You can Edit the default condition, or add new conditions with the 'Add' Button button.
  • Set the filter details and click [Apply].
    Apply filters to code inspection rules
    You can define several filters successively.
    The list of code inspection rules is updated each time you click [Apply].
    Update Filter for Code Inspection Rules
  • When all filters are set, click [OK] to close the filter window and access the filtered list of rules.

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