Remove Duplicate Functions with Visual Expert

Visual Expert's Duplicate Function tool is designed to enhance your code efficiency and maintainability by pinpointing redundant functions within your codebase.

Benefits of Duplicate Function Identification

Enhance Code Quality

  • Consolidate redundant code segments for a cleaner, more maintainable codebase.

Improve Performance

  • Eliminate duplicate functions to reduce overhead and boost application performance.

Streamline Maintenance

  • Centralize common functionality into a single function, making future updates and maintenance tasks more efficient.

Once duplicate functions are identified, developers can review and refactor them to optimize code quality and performance.

Steps to Identify Duplicate Functions in Visual Expert

  • Open your VE project → Select the function objects node in the tree view → click on Duplicate Function macro in the Code Review section of the navigation panel.
    Identify Duplicate Functions
  • Analyze and review the list of duplicate functions/methods provided as shown below.
    Review Duplicate Functions

By following these steps, you can leverage Visual Expert to maintain a high-quality, efficient, and easily manageable codebase.

Using Visual Expert's code analysis and code review tools helps improve software development processes by ensuring code maintainability and reducing overhead associated with redundant code execution.

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