Visual Expert for Oracle Key Features

Visual Expert is a must-have solution for the maintenance of your Oracle code.

Using Visual Expert, developers easily discover and start working on any existing applications.
Understand the code - Identify the modification - Validate the effect of the change - Generate CRUD Matrix - Documentation - and more!

CRUD Matrix

CRUD Matrix show which processes/programs access your data.
For instance, which PL/SQL procedures Create/Read/Update/Delete Tables.

Call Trees

Display callers and callees for procedures, tables, triggers...Navigate through your code.
Understand complex chains of calls. Explore all possible execution paths.
Drill down in the code, click on referenced methods or variables to see their definitions.

Call trees help evaluate the effects of modifications to your code.

Impact Analysis

Identify the potential consequences of a change ("If I change this, what will be the effect?").
You can also estimate what should be modified to accomplish a change.

Don't want to break your application after a change. For instance:
Find out where a given column or variable is used?
If you add a parameter to a function, what else is affected?

Code Documentation

Generate documentation from the source code and create reference manuals in HTML.
Run a scheduled job. Automatically generate the documents on a regular basis.
Keep your documentation always up-to-date. Share knowledge with teammates.

Code Comparison

Try a new approach for code comparison:

  • Run application-wide comparisons, not only a file or an object.
  • Comparison are based the code structure, more Powerful than a text comparison
  • Browse differences in a container hierarchy. Drill down to find relevant changes.
  • Focus on differences for a given object, or object type: Procedures, Tables, Triggers...
  • Find differences within a given container, a Package or a Schema for instance.

Code Exploration

  • Browse your Code with hyperlinks
  • Dependencies between views
  • Dependencies between Package (dependencies + external ref)
  • Items referenced inside a package or procedure
  • Advanced String Search

Code Review

  • Missing Index
  • Unused Index
  • Unused Tables or Procedures
  • Source Line of Code (SLOC)
  • Code Statistics (number of objects)

Collaborative features - Team System

  • Automate Code Analysis with VE server
  • Store "snapshots" of your code
  • Analyze issues and share results with teammates
  • Export to HTML and Excel

How it works

  1. Code Parsers analyze your code, and store the Analysis in a Repository.
  2. You can then query this repository to learn more about your code
  3. Standalone configurations (Professional Edition) run all components on a single PC.
  4. Recommended for small/medium volumes of code.
  5. In Client/Server configurations (Team System), Code Analyzers and Repository reside on a server. Developers run a VE client on their PC and access the shared Repository.
  6. Code Analysis and Documentation are automatically generated with Scheduled Jobs.

Visual Expert Versions

Visual Expert offers two levels of versions to suit all types and sizes of projects.


As low as $990
  • All Visual Expert Key Features

    Running on a standalone seat.
    Suitable for small and medium
    volumes of code.

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Team System

  • Professional Features

    + Collaborative Features

    + Server automating code analysis and documentation.

    Recommended for several developers working on the same project, or when the volume of code is important.

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The Perfect Companion for your development tool

Visual Expert provides a set of innovative features, that complement your preferred development tool.

Basically, your create the application with your development tool, then Visual Expert analyzes your code to help maintain and optimize it.

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